PLUMBING EMERGENCY! Hot water is running from the bathtub faucet & it’s shut off at the floor!?

Question by Pamela: PLUMBING EMERGENCY! Hot water is running from the bathtub faucet & it’s shut off at the floor!?
What can I do? It’s still running even though it’s absolutely shut off at the floor! What to do?!?! Help!!!!
It’s an antique faucet on a claw foot tub. No shower head. The lines to the faucet are newer than the faucet though.
Ok, I found a red knob which looks like it is to shut off water on a pipe coming from the top of the water heater. I turned it both ways until it would turn no further & the water is still running in the tub. I don’t see any other way to shut it off. There is a knob at the floor & I also turned it all the way off & it’s still running. HELP!

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Answer by rhsaunders
FInd the hot water heater, shut off its gas (or electricity), and then shut the valve that lets cold water into it. Then call a plumber.

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  1. Is it leaking from the shower head? It sounds like the faucet is not closing all the way. You may need to call the plummer.

  2. rroda12 says:

    Well if it is still running then it is not shut off. Easy as that. Valve is defective sounds like. GO to your hot water heater and find the valve on the copper line and close that. IF that doesnt work then just turn the gas off to the heater and you wont have hot water coming out but possibly still have cold water coming out. Next thing is to repair all valves. More info from you would be good on type of tub faucet for repair. Good luck.

  3. On the wall behind you tub there should be a panel remove it and find the hot water pipe and turn clockwise to shut it off, then you will have to replace the faucet or at least replace the inerds.

  4. Very common in older homes that at one time had their own well for the pressure of a city water system to be too great for the shut off valves. Even though it looks like the valve is turned off, obviously the water is still coming through. I see this a lot.

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